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E.T. Precision Optics Inc. is currently looking for qualified candidates in the following disciplines:

Customer Job Quoter (2019)

Must have a very good understanding of reading customer prints and what type of CNC machine it should be produced with:

  • Receiving and completing customer requests for product quotes.
  • Review quotations and customer documentation for specifications and quality standards, while converting process into documentation, tooling, and gages needed to economicall produce quality parts.
  • Ability to do time studies and provide quotes to customers after review.
  • Working with internalstaff to determine product quotabilty.
  • Knowledge of machining both lathe and mill components.
  • Knowledge of feeds and speeds.
  • Ability to obtain outside quotes for materials and services.
  • Obtain internal manufacturing processes required for products.
  • Strong understanding of ERP and or CRM use.
  • Creating job router based for quotes provided to customers.
  • Strong problem solving, group work and leadership skills.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, including proper use of communication tools and technologies.
  • Qualified canandates wil have the ability to read blue prints, GD&T, background in purchasing for CNC manufacturing.
  • Understanding of Multi Axis Lathe and Mills with live tooling and Swiss machines.

Shop floor Foreman (2019) 

Must have proven ability in CNC machinery operation, with the ablity to perform the following duties:

  • Ability to set-up various CNC machine tools.
  • Load programs, tooling, and qualify 1st pc. 
  • Help prepare production runs.
  • Reading blueprints with GD&T.
  • Use of various measuring instruments.
  • Ability to perform quality checks on component parts.
  • Good communication skills well suited for a fast pace work inviroment.
  • Very good ability of understanding feeds & speeds.
  • Understanding of tooling and fixturing.
  • Efficient with CNC Mills 3, 4, and 5 axis
  • Efficient with CNC Lathes, multi-axis with live tooling.
  • Efficient with CNC Swiss machines.
  • Minimum 10 years experience in supervision and CNC machinery

CNC Machinists - All shifts (2019)

Must have proven ability in CNC machinery operation with ability to perform the following duties:

  • Reading of various measuring instruments
  • Reading of blueprints with GD&T
  • Ability to perform quality checks on component parts
  • Minimum 5 years experience

Efficient operation of CNC machine tools:

  • CNC Mills 3, 4 and 5 axis
  • CNC lathes, multi-axis with live tooling
  • CNC Swiss machines

CNC Lathe and CNC Mill Set-up - All shifts (2019)

  • Ability to set-up Various CNC machine tools
  • Load programs, tooling, and qualify 1st pc. To prepare for production run
  • Reading of various measuring instruments
  • Reading of blueprints with GD&T
  • Ability to perform quality checks on component parts
  • Minimum 5 years experience

Quality Inspectors/All levels - All shifts (2019)

  • Reading of blueprints with GD&T
  • Proficient use of measuring instruments
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledgeable in PC-DEMIS
  • Programming of a DCC CCM
  • Measuring parts using various inspection equipment 
CNC Lathe Programmer (2019):
  • Determinine demension and configuration of cuts, selection of cutting tools, and machine speeds / feed rates.
  • Refers to work holding designs or existing fixtures for part presentations, tool clearance and locating consideration.
  • Utilizes CAM software on a computer station.
  • Prepares geometric layout using computer-assisted drafting sowftware in either wire frame or solids molding to define the location of reference points and direction of cutting paths.
  •  Writes operator set up instructuins and tool list to guide setup and operation of machine, also requisitions work holding aand tooling as needed.
  • Generate program of machine instructions in numerical control format to regulate movement of machine along cutting path.
  • Distribute and maintains work center copies of set up instructions, tool sheets, program manuscripts, offset sheets, tool change log and part tally sheet.
  • Observes operation of machine trial run to prove programmedinstructions.
  • Performs audits.
  • Reviews and compares program after it is reurned forom the shop floor to determine validity of edits, prior to saving files for next release.
  • Trains and directs workers in adjusting machines and equipment to produce products which meet standards.
  • Develops, recommends, and implements measures to improve production methods, equipment preformance and quality of product.
  • Perform other related duties as requestedor instructed by the engineering manager.


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