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About E.T. Precision Optics


From a one-person shop in 1992 to over 70 people today E.T. has continued to achieve double-digit growth because of dedicated efforts in meeting our customers’ requirements for quality component parts delivered on-time. E.T. strives to develop its’ people to achieve excellence in every facet of the business from sales to quality to manufacturing to shipping and everything in between.


Our efforts don’t stop with our people. We carefully evaluate our business niche and implement strategic acquisitions of machinery that specifically aligns with the size, shape, quantity and material of the components we manufacture. You won’t find old, obsolete technology at E.T. as we constantly acquire new state-of-the-art machine tools that help our people be better at their jobs, improve efficiency and reduce costs for the entire manufacturing process.


All of our customers rely on our ability to deliver parts on time to facilitate their assembly planning and to meet their customers’ requirements. In addition to delivering on time, we must provide products that meet print specifications. It is the clear understanding of every employee at E.T. that we are the manufacturing arm (or division) for the companies we do work for. Our definition of “manufacturing arm” is a supplier that acts just like they are a part of their customers company located only a wall away. All of the parts we deliver meet all print specifications so that they can take the parts right into assembly and use them without problems. Our significant efforts in quality and on-time delivery have earned E.T. “Dock-to-Stock” status with the majority of our customers.


Our quality system is ISO-9002 registered through Deloitte & Touche.


ISO-9002 ISO-9002


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